Dr. Usha Jain Expert in Medical Clearance EKG Chest X ray Lab Work

Dr. Usha Jain is an expert in medical clearance for any surgical procedure which includes cosmetic surgery. Dr. Jain is a medical director of the walk in clinic where no appointment is needed. Phone number is 407 876-5555. Dr. Jain’s office is equipped with EKG, Xray machine and also staffed by expert in drawing blood. Dr. Jain can also draw blood without bruiing and also in one stick. Urine test for nicotine metabolite can be done at the center. Basically, everything can be done for preoperative clearance and patient can avoid the stress of running around everywhere. Following physicals can be done:

  1. Routine physical
  2. Pre-op medical clearance for cosmetic procedures
  3. Immigration physical and medical exams
  4. Cruise physicals
  5. Sports physicals
  6. Bike race physicals
  7. Diving physical
  8. Employement physicals
  9. Pre-employment physicals
  10. Pre-marital exams
  11. Executive physicals
  12. Adoption physicals
  13. Out of Country going physicals


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