Facial Pain/Sinus Pain/Urgent Care/Medical Clinic/Orlando,Fl

A 50 year old patient was seen at the Medical Clinic of Orlando for the complaints of right sided facial pain. The patient was seen by another MD and was given an antibiotic-Zithromax. The patient continued to have pain in the sinus area and didn’t improve. The patient was given prednisone by same doctor again on 2nd visit. The patient improved while was on prednisone but started feeling bad again.

The patient was seen by Dr. Jain who ordered the blood tests and x-ray of the sinus. The patient had high WBC count and also clouding of her right sinus. The patient was given an injection of stronger antibiotic followed by cephalosporin class of antibiotic. The patient responded well and her sinus pain was gone which was secondary to resistant bacteria and for that reason the previous antibiotic didn’t work.

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