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Dr. Jain works as Anti-Aging physician in Urgent Care of Orlando in Central Florida. She has been treating the patient with all kinds of issues related to a hormonal balance.  We have seen a patient who is 40 years old who is having hard time losing the weight. The patient has tried weight watchers and HCG diet. The patient had a hysterectomy in the past and her gynecologist put her on estrogen but no progesterone. The patient started gaining weight after the hysterectomy. The patient was desperate to try anything to lose weight as many plans didn’t work.

The patient was seen by Dr. Jain who ordered the tests to make sure the weight gain is not from any problems which could be corrected. Blood tests also included hormones, estrogen and progesterone. The patient was found to be deficient in progesterone. The patient was prescribed bio-identical progesterone and the diet program offered by Dr. Jain. The patient responded well and felt better from progesterone therapy. The patient lost weight and didn’t gain it back and felt better on progesterone therapy.

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