Rectal Bleeding/Anal Fissure-Urgent Care Walk in Clinic Orlando

We have seen a 26 year patient in our Urgent Care in Orlando with the complaints of rectal bleeding and feeling of a pressure in the rectal area. The patient had this problem for several months and had seen the doctors in the past and had ultrasound done. The patient was examined by Dr. Jain and on rectal exam was found to have anal fissure. The patient was explained the most common reason for anal fissure is hard stool.

These cracks are usually caused by the passage of a hard stool but also can be caused by persistent diarrhea.  Fissures leave a “tag” of skin at the anal opening that people often mistake for a hemorrhoid.

Hot Sitz Bath – Relax the muscles by using hot bath in the tub. It helps in relaxing anal muscles that would allow blood to flow in to the area.

Fiber-It is very important to increase the amount of fiber in your diet. You can do this by eating more raw fruits and vegetables and by taking additional fiber like the products listed below. The soluble fiber found in the prepared fiber supplements will make your bowel movements soft and allow the fissure to heal.

Fluids — You also must drink adequate amounts of fluid, up to eight glasses a day.

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