Respiratory Infections/Immediate Appointment-Orlando 32819

Board certified doctor at our Urgent Care Walk in Clinic in Orlando is an expert in treating “Respiratory Infections”.  Our doctor has been an expert in antibiotic field and can treat mild cold to severe respiratory infections like pneumonia.

We have seen a patient who has been to our Emergi care center for cold, congestion and earache. The patient was examined by Dr. Usha Jain and was  diagnosed with upper respiratory infection and otitis media of the right ear. The patient was treated with rocephin injection and ceftin. The patient was given the rocephin shot everyday because her ear infection was bad. The patient responded well for first 2 days and 3rd day her ear pain started to get worse. The patient was actually treated very well with the strong antibiotics but after 2 days got worse. Dr. Jain examined her ear on 3rd day and saw pus behind ear drum. The patient was immediately referred to an ENT specialist. The patient had to have a tube put in her ear to drain the pus. The patient responded well after that and her pain got better.

It is important that patient is treated aggressively with strong antibiotic and if  patient doesn’t respond than patient needs to be referred to ENT specialist right away. Ear infections can be serious in adults and if not treated properly can lead to loss of hearing, meningitis or mastoid infections in the bone.

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