Walk in Clinic-High Fever-Flu-Pneumonia

A 45 year old patient was seen at our urgent Care Walk in Clinic for high fever cough and chills by Dr. Usha Jain. The patient was already seen by another physician in ER 3 days ago  and was given antibiotics but patient didn’t improve. The patient was examined and lab work was done. Chest x-ray of the patient showed pneumonia of the left lung. The patient was advised to go to the hospital but the patient requested to be treated at out clinic as he knew the doctor and trusted the doctor. The patient  was very compliant in the past so the doctor decided to treat him. The patient was immediately  started on IV fluids and was given IV antibiotics. The patient was also treated with nebulizer.

Next day the patient felt much better and was fever free. The patient was given another injection of antibiotics and nebulizer treatement.

The patient was saved from going to the hospital and was treated immediately rather than shuffled. It is very important that  pneumonia be treated right away with an IV antibiotics. Delay in treatment can be very serious. Pneumonia should be treated aggressively ASAP. Outcome is good if diagnosed and treated right away.


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